Hive is a data warehouse solution that allows users to execute SQL-like queries on Hadoop. It was initialized by Facebook in 2010.

What problem does Hive try to solve?

The tech Giants like Facebook then were experiencing rapid data growth. …

This article summarizes two terms, CAP and ACID of data storage, which are commonly mentioned in system design (see the full list of concepts in System Design Introduction For Interview).


ACID is the abbreviation of Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability. …

ZooKeeper is a service for coordinating processes of distributed applications. The common coordination use cases are configuration, group membership and leader election. One approach to address the coordination problem is to develop services for each coordination needs. …

TinyUrl is a URL shortening service. In this service, user can 1) get a short alias of a long URL. 2) retrieve the original Url with the shorten alias.

One example of this service is

As a system design question, how do we approach it?


What is the customers…

git concepts

  • repository: the “container” that tracks the changes (all the commits) to your project files.
  • commit: a snapshot of your project files (working tree) at a time point.
  • working tree (working directory): consists of files that you are currently working on.
  • index (staging area): compares the files in the working tree…

Huayu Zhang

Software Engineer@Facebook

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